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Planning a barbeque with family and friends on a good sunny day? A lovely alfresco dining area in the privacy of your own backyard makes for a comfort night in - best when you have a dining table filled with scrumptious food and drinks. Take the experience a notch further and add a layer aesthetic with our selection of outdoor dining tables designed by James Said, a connoisseur of luxurious furniture for families in Australia looking for sophistication and style.

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Selecting Your Outdoor Dining Table

When selecting among our range of outdoor dining tables, you would want to ensure you choose one that fits your lifestyle needs perfectly. Afterall, investing in a good quality one is worth the money when it delivers to your requirements, whether you use it often for house parties or simple feasts with the family.

Among the various aspects to consider when choosing an outdoor dining table, these main factors are the most essential:

Shape & Size of Your Backyard

It is never ideal to have an oversized outdoor dining table taking up a huge portion of your Australian backyard. Plus, with children who love running around in open spaces, the dining table will prove as an obstacle instead of the functional piece of furniture you had intended for it to be.

Aside from the dimensions of the dining table, you also want to take note of the shape in relation to that of your backyard. Will a circular one fit seamlessly in your outdoor space or do you prefer a rectangular option to suit the backyard’s perimeter shape?

Type of Backyard

The type of backyard is also another factor to consider when selecting your outdoor dining table. Your backyard may be fit with grass, tiled or cemented flooring, which means selecting a table that protects both its material and that of the floors is essential. Furthermore, if you have a swimming pool, you want to ensure the material of your outdoor table is waterproof.

Desired Function

There are different reasons to equip the backyard with an outdoor dining table. Do you need one for regular house parties or simply for weekend dinners with the family? Knowing what you intend to use the dining table for will help you narrow down your choice, especially in terms of its size. Consequently, this will enable you to decide on the number of outdoor arm chairs or dining stools you need to add on.

Make a Statement With James Said

Whether you have a small backyard or an elaborately large landscape garden as one, you can find a suitable dining table on James Said for your beautiful Australian backyard in our range of contemporary outdoor furniture. Select from luxury sleek designs in square, circular and rectangular shapes, and in monochrome colours.

With white glove delivery service, our team of specially-trained movers will handle the movement of your order with care and professionalism. All products are inspected again upon delivery. You can also trust the team to resolve any issues pertaining to loss or damage.


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11 Item(s)