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Looking to jazz up your outdoor patio area? A coffee table would make a great addition to your living space - perfect for casual breezy evenings out in the backyard or for entertaining guests on a weekend.

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James Said has a selection of outdoor coffee tables in Australia that are ideal for your backyard patio, built in different sizes and colours. Having an outdoor coffee table is also a must for any seating arrangement - it anchors the layout of your patio beautifully and keeps the problem of spilled drinks at bay.

Choosing an outdoor coffee table

With choices aplenty, how do you go about picking the right one? Whatever notion you may have regarding outdoor coffee tables and their arrangements, you can throw it out the window. The table doesn’t have to match your seats, nor do they have to be of a certain size. The decision is completely in your hands. The joy in shopping for your own pieces of furniture is in the visual aesthetic and artistic freedom you have to create a space that’s truly yours.

That said, there are a couple of factors to consider when in the market for a outdoor coffee table:

Function or usage

Are you planning to use your outdoor space for seated dinner parties or just for a good old weekend hangout? For formal soiree-type events to casual sunny backyard spots, the functionality of your outdoor coffee table may play a determining role in making the cut. Maybe it’s both? It’s a good idea to plan the type of space you’re creating in your home before you head out to view potential tables to add to your cart.

How the outdoor coffee table is going to be used, for how many people, and how often all plays into the amount of money you’ll be willing to spend on it.

Type of outdoor space

We know that these coffee tables are meant for outdoor use - but what does your backyard look like? Is it garden-like, cemented, or has tiled flooring? Is it near a swimming pool or a well-manicured flower garden? Uneven floors will require self-leveling table legs and outdoor spaces near pools will require the coffee tables to be made with materials that don’t diminish in quality easily when wet.


Perhaps most importantly is the amount of space you’ll be working with. Be sure to measure the space in your backyard before buying a new coffee table. It’d be a bummer to receive your swanky new outdoor coffee table and not have it fit perfectly in your patio or backyard.

Consider how the outdoor seating area looks three-dimensionally as well. Will there be enough space to get up and move around without bumping into other furniture? These small details can impact the layout of your backyard space.

Dazzle your guests with James Said’s exquisite collection in Australia

From office furniture to outdoor staples, James Said offers a diverse yet eclectic range of home furniture pieces to suit any and every decor. Take your pick from our collection of outdoor coffee tables in Australia and elevate your living space.


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6 Item(s)