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Choose from James Said's exquisite range of modern chandeliers in Australia, suitable for every room in your house.

Bathe in Glitz and Glamour withModern Chandelier Lights

Bring a touch of glamour and sophistication into your home. Set the tone and ambience of each room with a designer chandelier from James Said. 'Create Beautiful' in every room of your home with our exclusive range of luxurious chandeliers. Each piece has been carefully hand-selected by us to ensure you receive only the finest curated pieces, crafted to the highest of standards.

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Chandeliers in Australia That Fits Your Budget And Taste


By now, you’ve probably sifted through many furniture shops in Australia to find the perfect modern chandelier that would accentuate your home. But as you browse along, you start wondering why they come under such a hefty price tag. Chandeliers tend to be expensive because of the niche craft and skill required to make them.

But because we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to have a glamorous home, you’ll find intricate quality without the exuberant prices.


Whatever your style or preferences are, here at James Said, we have the right chandelier for you. Whether you want a modern, one-of-a-kind chandelier to create that edgy and prestigious feel, or if you’re looking to indulge in something more traditional but ornately detailed. Our exclusive selection of modern chandeliers in Australia are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials to suit every style. Yet, it also promises the highest degree of craftsmanship and quality.

Shed A Light On Your Lifestyle

Allow your home to be a reflection of your fabulous lifestyle. With our outstanding range of styles, our chandeliers are perfect for every room of your home. Are you looking for a magnificent multi-tiered statement piece for your hallway, one that exudes elegance from the instant you enter your home? Or perhaps you’re more drawn to the glamour of a clear crystal chandelier in your dining room, to create an enchanting and romantic atmosphere as the light reflects off every crystal? If you’re not one for vintage looks, you can also find designer chandeliers for that edgy modern feel that goes well with industrial interior design—a very popular choice for many new homes. Whatever it is that you desire, our exclusive collection promises to have the right chandelier for you.

Why choose James Said?

Here at James Said it is our mission to help you 'create beautiful' in your home. We are passionate about glamour and luxury and hand-select all of the pieces in our collection for the promise of premium craftsmanship and timeless style.

Browse our exquisite range of luxurious chandeliers for sale online in Australia today!

FAQ about Chandelier in 2021

1. Are chandeliers still fashionable?

Absolutely! Chandeliers will always be fashionable because they’re one of the most timeless and tasteful pieces you can choose for your home.

Creating a successful style means combining personal preference with recognised fashions. Selecting the right chandelier is the perfect way to achieve this.

A prominent lighting fixture can be the perfect centrepiece for any room - bringing the ambience together like nothing else.

In addition to being a timelessly fashionable feature, a chandelier will bathe your room in a warm glow, emulating the magical feeling of soft candlelight.

This added warmth, comfort and timeless style will revitalise the ambience of your household and bring a special energy to your home.

To explore the most fashionable chandeliers in Australia and find the style that’s right for your home, contact the design experts at James Said today.

2. What are the latest chandelier trends in Australia in 2021?

They’re perennially in fashion but always evolving in style. Here are this year’s latest chandelier trends to follow...

  • A Design Focal Point: Bold, well-chosen statement pieces never go out of fashion. A chandelier ties a room together like nothing else and can become a real focal point for an entire household.
  • Contemporary Sculpture: Today’s chandeliers take influence from contemporary sculpture. From flowing lines to unique materials, modern fixtures have never been closer to true works of art.
  • Gold & Brass: These metals generate a unique feeling of warmth and comfort that’s perfect for any home. Choose these tones for a timeless feeling of comfort that you’ll love to live with.
  • Bedroom Lighting: Once just a stylistic choice for dining rooms and living areas only, chandeliers are increasingly being included in contemporary bedrooms. Why not explore this new way to combine elegance and intimacy.
  • Warmth & Diffusion: As we find ourselves spending more time at home - a chandelier brings the warmth and comfort that we crave. So many families are finding them to be the perfect finishing touch that ties their home together.

3. Where is the best place to buy chandeliers in Australia?

If you’re searching for the best chandeliers in Australia, be sure to choose a respected furniture supplier with a broad selection of styles.

Chandeliers are a luxury item, so you’ll need to find a retailer that can offer you a complete selection of contemporary fixtures.

For the best designer chandeliers in Australia, choose to shop with James Said. We offer a comprehensive collection of chandeliers, including a range of styles, periods and materials.

Our team offers real interior design expertise and can help you find a timeless piece that will bring a new lease of life to your home.

We’ll offer all the advice you need to make an informed decision that will complement the style of your home. Visit one of our showrooms today to begin your search for the best chandelier.

4. What is the best chandelier for a dining room?

A well-designed dining room will inspire memorable meals and great conversation. For this kind of special ambience, you need soft lighting that makes you and your guests feel comfortable and content.

For a dining room chandelier, James Said recommends a soft and diffuse light. For example, the Joy of Light chandelier comes with a brushed brass finish and blown glass for a soft and natural hue.

5. Which chandelier is best for bedrooms?

You want your bedroom to be a place of rest and relaxation. Lighting is an integral part of creating this rejuvenating energy. You want the flexibility to have clear, bright light during the day and more restful tones during the evening.

The Furstenberg Nickel Chandelier is available from James Said and embodies the perfect attributes of a bedroom chandelier. In addition to the sleek stainless steel fittings, the piece includes 100% linen shades to create a warm and restful hue.

6. What is the best chandelier for my living room?

James Said is the top seller of chandeliers for living rooms in Australia. We have a huge range of leading contemporary pieces which are custom designed to suit modern living rooms.

From the sculptural Murano Nickel Acrylic chandelier to the elegant Marino chandelier, our fixtures can bring timeless style to any home.

For help with your decision, just ask the team at any James Said showroom. Our interior design experts are waiting to assist you.

7. How do you clean and maintain a chandelier?

To clean your chandelier and keep it looking fresh and new, even after many years, just follow these 5 simple steps...

  • Use a damp microfibre cloth with a splash of vinegar to wipe down all surfaces.
  • Remove all lightbulbs and clean each piece individually. Be sure to remember how to replace them.
  • If more persistent dirt remains, try using a multi-purpose spray to remove all marks.
  • To achieve a streak-free shine, use a glass cleaner wiped down with a sheet of newspaper.
  • If metallic surfaces have faded over time, try a metal polish to achieve an attractive shine.


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  • Cloud Antique Brass Pendant

    Cloud Antique Brass Chandelier

    In Stock
  • Randall Bronze Chandelier

    Randall Bronze Chandelier

    In Stock
  • Moon Brass Chandelier

    Moon Brass Chandelier

    In Stock
  • Luisa Modern Brass Chandelier

    Luisa Modern Brass Chandelier

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    Gigi Large Gold Chandelier

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    Monticello Medium Lantern

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    Capitol Hill Large Gunmetal Lantern

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    East Single Chandelier

  • Saint Roch Large Chandelier

    Saint Roch Large Chandelier

  • 115133_0_1_1.jpg

    Saint Roch Small Chandelier

  • Connery Antique Brass Pendant

    Connery Antique Brass Pendant

  • Connery Bronze Pendant

    Connery Bronze Pendant

  • Connery Nickel Pendant

    Connery Nickel Pendant

  • Riley Gunmetal & Polished Brass Chandelier

    Riley Gunmetal & Polished Brass Chandelier

  • 106912.png

    Place des Vosges Lantern

  • Sky Chandelier

    Sky Chandelier


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