There is something unique, special and intriguing about a storage box. In addition to looking fabulous and offering a true sense of fashion with a beautiful exterior, you can’t help but ponder what treasures are hidden away inside. Despite not being considered a focal point of the room, the right trunk storage box can capture the essence of the room perfectly and be a fantastic addition to the home.

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Here at James Said, we feature a variety of storage boxes perfect for a wide range of uses, from decoration to storage, or perhaps just simply to have a unit to place ornaments or photos on. Regarding our style, our collection has utilised the finest materials, including leather, wood, aluminium, cane and more, to create elegant designs that will make your storage box stand out from the crowd. Trunk boxes are so much more than a simple a rectangular box used as storage. With sumptuous finishings, intricately designed patterns and carefully sculpted details you’re investing in a true piece of class for your household. A simple yet elegant storage box has the potential to transform a room into paradise. Storage trunk boxes are, without a doubt, an underrated piece of furniture which should not be overlooked and deserve a place in your home.

Why choose James Said?

With our experience and expertise, we regard ourselves as the best in the business, delivering exemplary products and service. We specialise in luxury storage boxes for Australia, and with us you can be assured that you will receive a purchase that will transcend your home, so browse our range of trunks for sale today!


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10 Item(s)